Clients Talk About Ken

From M. Shen, Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I am very glad to have the opportunity to share my home buying experience with you. It could help your decision when selecting a real estate agent as I believe it may be the most important decision during the home buying process...To make a long story short, I believe Ken Nash is the most reliable business partner you can find when buying a home. Since buying a home is a big decision, I find Ken is not an agent who just tries to close the transaction so he can move on to the next deal, but he spent as much time as needed just like buying his own home during the entire process. As an out-of-town is just not possible to describe the efforts with words he has to to through to make sure I am happy for everything. I believe he will always watch for your interest and negotiate the best deal for you. All together we have purchased 4 homes from him...Ken still helps me out for coordination on any work needed on my request. I have had other agents in the past and they have done a good job as real estate agents, but none have ever done work as my business partner like Ken did and still does today. It is really my pleasure to recommend Ken to be your agent.

From S. Khoo, Monday April 25, 2011

My wife & I really wish to thank Ken Nash very much for the services given during the purchase, selection process and throughout the construction of our Bellevue home. Ken has actually gone above and beyond his duties as a Realtor. Ken's knowledge, experience and especially pro-activeness in letting us know about potential issues has allowed us to have better understanding on how our home was constructed. It gave me confidence on the quality in the construction of my home. I especially appreciate so much his willingness and help in taking photos throughout the construction of the home and also took even more photos upon my request for zoom-in photos and from different angles of the view. As a result, I did not frequently visit the construction site to see the progress. Ken's dedication to his work is admirable, working at odd hours during late nights to respond to my emails. I wish to take this opportunity to express my utmost appreciation for his professionalism and willingness to stretch beyond his responsibilities as our realtor...I will definitely recommend Ken's services to others, as well as request his service if I purchase another house.

From G. Sanchez, Tuesday, January 12, 2010

...Glad to say that Ken Nash was an excellent agent...